Photography is my very first and my greatest passion.

I got my first ‘Minolta’ camera when I was eight years old. In those days we often went to France
in the summer. Despite my age I could always enjoy the beautiful view and I began to photograph landscapes. After several photo cameras, I bought my first digital single-lens reflex Nikon D50 in
2005. By doing photo shoots I realized I wanted to learn more about the technique of photography.

In 2006 I went back to school, SintLucas in Boxtel, where I studied ‘media design’ and ‘photography’. For me that’s a good combination, because they are both two-dimensional. In the third year, in 2008
I got an intern ship at ‘Studio Casper Lourens’ in Haarlem. They photograph products like food, non-food and fashion, and I’ve learned a lot about the techniques of photography there.

In 2010 I graduated from SintLucas and ever since I’ve been busy with my passion and I love it a lot.

My inspiration is everything and everywhere,
I love my creativity and I feel blessed.

Sarina Roelaarts
Tilburg, The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 83 98 95 22